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Vintage Green Patent Shoes
lepapillonvert wrote in danyderi
This is one out of the big three for me - dress, corset & shoes. I will do a final round of fiddling about but I could wear them as is.

Prior to reconstruction.
I purchased these from Stephans in Atlanta when I was a bridesmaid in Stacey Bode's wedding. They originally had pink linen tabs on the toe but our colors were orange with green hydrangea bouquets so I took them off and added orange Gerbera daisies.

They needed new bottoms so I had them resoled by Peter & Sons in South Windermere shopping center. They always do incredible work.

Insoles were remade by me from some scrap 'leather'. I still have some of the green glitter sticker sheets left over from the Peacock Goddess costume project and added a little kitteh to the shoes.

Medallion decision:

Fin! Taken outside to try to catch the rhinestones in action.


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